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Dear Traveler, dear guest from the past or new!

Sibiu Travelers Hostel was opened in 2009 and operational until July 1st 2015 and it was a great time in my personal life to host so many thousands of visitors in this almost seven years!

Originally from Holland I started this Romanian adventure in 2006 in Sibiu by finding the perfect location: a spacious villa and garden in a quiet quarter very close to the main train- and bus station and only 15 minutes’ walk from the ancient center.
Unfortunately it took until the end of 2008 before all official permissions and documents were finally supplied, so we could make a fresh start in the new season in May 2009. Just a few months after opening we got really nice reviews already and during the whole operational period we regularly had highest ratings from all hostels in Sibiu (up to 95%!)

On this place I wanna thank all the nice, kind, motivated, funny, relaxed visitors and it was an honor to give you accommodation!
Of course great, great thanks to the receptionists who worked in the hostel and did always a great job and made all the translations from Romanian into English! Thanks so very much dear Alina, Daniel, Corina, Teodora, Florina and Monika

A personal word. Sometimes in life we all feel the need to make a new step, to explore some new things and so on…well: that was exactly the reason to sell the hostel and begin something new!

Soon I will start on this webpage a blog to write about all kind of adventures, remarkable moments and beautiful friendships which were initiated in this seven year period and you will have a possibility to react! So: stay tuned!!

Hans Varkevisser, July 7th 2015

By the way: teilor means lime, linden tree. Ever had a look on the Internet or in an encyclopedia what is said about housing in relation to linden tree?

Besides the fact Romanians use linden blossoms to make a healthy tea with relaxation & healing effects, the lime tree has a very positive meaning in general in history as a protective force against evil powers, but also as a romantic symbol in the love between the sexes! Also in literature and music it always had a prominent place.

Wanna know something about the history and culture of Romania & Transylvania in just a few minutes?
Click here for the introduction movie-clip of Villa Teilor

The famous Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu wrote in his poem
Mai am un singur dor (One Wish Alone Have I):

Patrunza talangaWhile softly rings
Al serii rece vânt,The wind its trembling chime
Deasupra-mi teiul sfântAnd over me the lime
Sa-si scuture creanga.Its blossom flings.

translation: C.M.Popescu

The Moldavian music group
had the hit
Dragostea Din Tei
(Love From Linden Trees)

in 2004.

And why we tell you this? Sibiu Travelers Hostel was situated in Strada Teilor and almost directly in front of our hostel stands a 'teilor' tree!!

* Free laundry & towel: see under "Services" for conditions